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Prince Valiant Hardcover Volume 1 1937-1938 (New Printing)

USD $ 29.99

The most gorgeous adventure comic strip of all time, the on-going Prince Valiant Sunday-only comic strip ran for 35 years under its creator, Hal Foster. Foster limned epic swordfights and some of the most beautiful human beings ever to appear in comics. And he matched his nonpareil visual sense with the narrative instincts of a born storyteller. Prince Valiant has previously been widely available only in re-colored, now-out-of print editions (which fetch collectors' prices). Thanks to advances in production technology and newly available original proof sheets, this new series is the first to feature restored artwork that captures every delicate line and chromatic nuance of Foster's masterpiece. Comic strip aficionados will be ecstatic, and younger readers who enjoy classic adventure will be bowled over. Book One also has a rare, in-depth Foster interview..